Ajax Powder Cleanser with Bleach, 14 oz-3 pk

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For Powerful Cleaning

Powder Cleanser with Bleach is an effective cleanser with properties of bleach. The cleanser contains calcium carbonate to help clean easily. The powder is made to help brighten different surfaces and is scratch free. The powder may clean many surfaces like ceramic tiles, porcelain, chrome, etc., which makes it a multipurpose cleaner and whitener.

  • Easy rinse formulaScratch free cleaning
  • Gentle and effective

Powder Cleanser with Bleach may help you clean different surfaces with ease and has a fragrance that refreshes the cleaned area.

Just For You: For all surfacesA Closer Look: Powder Cleanser with Bleach is a starch-free cleanser that has cleaning agents like Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate. Also used is Soda Ash that may help surfaces look clean and bright. The fragrance may leave surfaces fresh and may help the surfaces look brighter.You Won’t Find: Phosphates or StarchGet Started: Use one cap full per average sized bucket.

Product of Ajax
Pack of 3

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