Dustick Duster (with 21-foot reach) by Advantage Products

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Dustick Duster allows you to get dust in hard to reach areas without the danger of using a ladder. Use The Dustick Duster to control yellow jackets, carpenter bees, and hornets. They can make their nests in inaccessible areas such as under shingles, under sliding, around gutters, soffits, around shutters and other high locations. When assembled, the Dustick Duster will reach 21′. It has a pump on one end with a handle to pump air through the pole extensions to the dust to be dusted. Unit comes with carrying bag and extensions( 4 x 4-foot long poles). SPECIAL FEATURES Perfect for treating carpenter bee holes, wasp nests, or other pests that may be out of reach or difficult to treat with typical hand-held dusters, when fully assembled with the dusting attachment can reach heights over 21 feet high Dusting canister holds up to 1 cup of dust, quickly and easily reach under eaves, under shingles, around and under gutters, around window frames and shutters, soffits, fascia boards, siding and more Parts Included: 4 – 4-foot long poles, dust canister, dusting tip, pump handle, canvas carrying bag Manufactured By: Advantage Product

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