M-jump Retractable Long-Reach Washable Dusting Brush, Microfiber Hand Duster with Telescoping Pole(Set of 3)

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3 Pcs Extendable Dusters in Set – Color-Blue,Red,Green, Size:11” to 30” (29-78cm)
Feather duster is extendable, you can clean any corn dust, and it is washable and easy to wash
The duster is made of Chenille material, which is washable, soft and durable.


Product features:
1 telescopic design, you can adjust the length;
2 compact portable, flexible storage;
3 use anti-skid handle design;
4 long service life, the brush head can be disassembled for cleaning;
5 humanized design, brush head texture soft, lightweight and flexible, will not damage the surface of the polished items;
6 good dedusting effect, can easily remove dust, no lint shedding, can adsorb small particles;
Product Description:
Microfiber For More Effective Cleaning
Microfiber is anti-static and non-scratchy, and actually attracts dust, cobwebs and dirt – making these dusters a far better and more effective alternative than regular feather dusters. Rather than just pushing the dirt around, now you can actually pick it up and get rid of it!
Stainless Steel Telescoping Pole
Featuring a retractable handle that measures 10” collapsed and 29” fully extended, this long-reach duster set allows you to access those hard-to-reach spots in your home to effectively eliminate the build up of dust and dirt.
Versatile, Multi-Purpose Tool
Use these dusters to clean your electronic devices, living room, kitchen cupboards, high ceiling corners, car interior and more! This all-purpose dusting solution will serve all your home & automobile cleaning needs for years to come.
100% Washable and Re-Usable
Your Fran’s Essentials dusting brushes are easy to use over and over again, with no extra purchase needed and absolutely no waste! Simply wash the microfiber heads by hand with warm soapy water in the sink, to make them good as new once again and ready for the next time you want to clean.
Easily clean those Hard-to-reach spots – Microfiber technology means millions of tiny fibers quickly and effectively grab hold of dirt, dust and moisture – allowing you to effortlessly clean your home in just minutes
Extendable, Washable and Anti-static – These dusters feature a stainless steel pole that measures 29 inches fully extended, and collapses back to 10 inches for convenience and easy storage. They are 100% hand washable and easy to re-use
Wide range of use,Duster is suitable for cleaning the dust in the car,Computer, air conditioning, TV and other household appliances dust, cleaning the dust from the sofa, table, cabinet, etc.Can be inserted into any corner Let the dust nowhere to hide
This duster set includes three retractable brushes in blue,yellow and red. They are lightweight and durable, with an anti-static and non-scratchy design.
Superfine fiber, super absorbent, new chenille fiber raw material, is not easy to produce dust itself,Adsorption of duston the surface of the object, there are super absorbent and dust absorption(5 times than cotton)

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