Prochem – Filter Out – Removes Filtration Soil Lines, Toner, Carbon Soils, Soot and Other Charged Particles – Carpet Cleaning – 1 Quart – B171

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Quick Overview: Filter-Out removes air filtration soil lines along walls and doorways, near heating and air conditioning vents. Also removes toner spills. Exclusive Prochem technology defeats the particle charge attraction, allows the soil to be extracted away. Also removes toner spills, carbon-containing soils, carbon soot, and other charged particle soils. Features: For spot extraction on residential and commercial carpets. Ready to Use, no dilution required. Directions: 1. Pre-vacuum thoroughly to remove loose soil, especially dry toner. 2. Apply Filter Out to saturate fibers in soiled areas. Allow 3-5 minutes dwell time to loosen soil. Agitate with a soft brush or groomer if needed. 3. Extract completely using hot water or All Fiber Rinse solution. Repeat if needed. 4. Lightly brush or groom to align fibers. Tips: Always rinse-extract to remove soil and residues. Apply a teflon type carpet protector to restore soil and stain resistance. Filter-Out is not recommended for use on upholstery fabrics. Great for spot cleaning soot or smoke from hard surfaces.

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